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Bride introduction of Guangdong Famous Furniture Expo Park Convention Co., Ltd


Guangdong Famous Furniture Expo Park Convention Co., Ltd is a subsidiary subordinated to Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. It is dedicated to building a theme-type and world-class exhibition center of finishing industry which integrate demonstration display, procurement & direct-marketing, information exchanges and furnishing logistics and enjoys global reputation. It is a stage for Chinese furniture’s going global and a window for the entry of world-famous furnishing brands in China.

International Furnishing Mall which is No. 1 Pavilion of Famous Furniture Expo Park has a total construction area of 400,000 square meters. It is composed by two floors underground and five floors aboveground. The external walls utilize combination of imported marble and LOE glass curtain walls, interspersed with modelling of metal folding, embellished with high-tech LED multi-media precision display. Abundant architectural forms, diversified materials compositions, exquisite and elegant color matching are used to build an internationalized comprehensive furnishing-exhibition center. The internal design creates the miracle of furnishing-category business space for business-space pattern of whole-atrium stores. Each store within building is adjacent to atrium. The form of space sharing is natural, smooth and full of changes, which shapes the concept of “stereoscopic shopping valley”. The whole atrium has no pillar. The maximum width of verandah cantilever is 18 meters. The stair design characterized by stereoscopic interleaving and dynamic changes of automatic escalator seems to be sculptures which are dancing and shuttling in atrium. It is undisputedly a revolution in business-space design.

The 1/F underground is a double first-floor for business use and its major businesses are furnishing ornaments and art crafts. The business area attains 70,000 square meters. The floor height of 1/F underground is eight meters, which can fully meet the double requirements of exhibition show and business image. It is an exclusive floor for international brands; 2/F to 5/F aboveground are experience-style exhibition areas of whole-atrium scene, which can hold about flagship exhibition halls of 400 brands. In the future, these floors will form the perpetual main venue for Famous Furniture Fair.


Overview of Famous Furniture Expo Park


一、Pavilion Construction of Famous Furniture Expo Park
Famous Furniture Expo Park Project integrates with existing exhibition pavilion of International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan), which is not only the spatial extension of exhibition pavilion of Famous Furniture Fair as three-phase project of exhibition pavilion of Famous Furniture Fair, but also a new starting point in the new development stage of Famous Furniture Fair and Chinese furniture industry and a world-class public platform for industrial confluence and docking of furniture industries at home and abroad.

As a marketing headquarters base of Chinese furniture brand, a bridgehead for collective entry of international brands into the Chinese market and a global furniture international procurement center, the overall planning of Famous Furniture Expo Park covers an area of 1.3 million square meters, including headquarters building of 102 floors and height of 480 meters and new exhibition pavilions. The project is constructed in three phases.

The current project which is arranged with investment attrition is Phase I Project with a total area of 400,000 square meters. At the end of 2012, it was delivered to enter-in enterprises to complete decorations and its official operation started in March, 2013; Phase II Project will be delivered after about half a year and headquarters building will be built in the Phase II project.

II. Functional zones on pavilions of Famous Furniture Expo Park
The Phase I Project totally include seven floor, including five floors above the ground and two floors underground. Each floor covers an area of 40,000 square meters. The functional arrangement are indicated below:
-2/F: Parking lot
-1/F: Ornaments, floor height: 6 meters
1/F: Brand furniture, floor height: 8 meters
2/F: Soft, living-room furniture, floor height: 6 meters
3/F: Phach, plate children’s furniture, floor height: 6 meters
4/F: Chinese style, solid word, rosewood, furniture, floor height: 6 meters
5/F: European and American furniture, floor height: 6 meters

III. Unrivalled industrial advantages of Famous Furniture Expo Park
(1)High brand popularity
Global furniture industry pays close attention to the Chinese furniture industry and the Chinese furniture industry hinges on furniture industry in Dongguan. Famous Furniture Fair firmly establishes its status as the first brand furniture fair in China for the highest degree of brand concentration in the domestic exhibition filed. Currently, it has become a major window for demonstration and sales of 70% of famous furniture brands of the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong in China.

(2) Widespread global influence
Every year, Houjie, Dongguan attracts about 300,000 professional buyers and designer at home and abroad and the quantity of overseas major buyers who come from more than 150 countries and regions attains tens of thousands. Currently, Houjie has become an internationalized procurement center of global furniture industry, there are professional buyers from all over the world shuttle back and forth in the Pearl River Delta which takes Houjie as the center every day.

(3) Global industrial manufacturing base
"Half of the Chinese furniture are manufactured in Guangdong, Half of Guangdong furniture are manufactured in Dongguan.” Dongguan is the most important furniture manufacturing base of China and even the whole world. According to incomplete statistics, in 2009, the total output value of Dongguan furniture industry attained about 146 billion yuan and total exports reached 5.2 billion US Dollars in 2009. There are more than 3,000 furniture enterprises here, accompanied by a cluster of Dickson, Idea & Design, Crafit, Huawei, City.W, Lacquercraft, Yunshitong, Derucci, Frandiss etc. and a large number of elite-brand enterprises. The proportion of export and domestic sales is about 4:6. The professional purchaser-resources at home and abroad are abundant and purchase volume is huge.

(4) Strong radiation force related to channels
Taking Famous Furniture Fair as a core platform, the large-scale furniture marketing, procurement and wholesale platform, distribution network built by enterprises mainly in Dongguan can be found in about 2,000 large, medium-sized and small cities, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, the US, Europe, Middle East and other areas all over the world. In addition, the sales fields in various regions absorb the largest domestic cluster of furniture brands and form concentrated market network through close cooperation with the platform of Famous Furniture Fair

(5)Marketing of high-end brands
In order to leverage the strength of large-scale and deep-coverage festival-event marketing and cultural marketing, Houjie and Famous Furniture Fair have successively sponsored or undertaken "The US Furniture Industry Leaders’ Annual Meeting", CCTV "The Same Song" and "Happy China Tour" etc. The high-end activities which create public sensations in furniture industry vigorously publicize a batch of furniture brands to market.

(6) Complete supporting industrial chain
With the linkage of upstream and downstream, the supporting raw and auxiliary materials market, design, R&D, brand marketing, education training and other aspects of Dongguan Houjie furniture industry have formed considerable scale and the supporting system of furniture industrial chain is complete and well developed.

(7) Strong policy support
On the occasion that "Made in China" is proposed by the country to be upgraded to “Made by China”, furniture industry requires a high-quality platform to fully manifest Chinese-brand furniture. Currently, Guangdong province has evaluated Dongguan Houjie as "international procurement center of Guangdong furniture commodities” and will give it a series of policy and capital support. In the meanwhile, Houjie Town of Dongguan city has taken the construction of furniture international procurement center as the major work mainly supported by government to be implemented. Famous Furniture Expo Park is one of the key projects.

(8)Remarkable location advantages
Located in the Pearl River Delta Region which has the most economically developed in China, Famous Furniture Expo Park is equipped with strong market consumption capability and brand demonstration effect. Houjie will be integrated into transportation pattern of "A high-speed railway, two railways and three highways" of east coast of the Pearl River Delta. Guangzhou-Shenzhen-HK high-speed railway, Guangzhou-Dongguan-Shenzhen urban railway, R 2 light railway, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway, Panyu-Dongguan Highway, Changping-Humen Highway and other important traffic arteries pass or connect Houjie, the location advantages of Houjie which is taken as transportation hub of the Pearl River Delta will become more remarkable. In addition, high-speed railway and light railway has set up stations near to Famous Furniture Expo Park, which greatly facilitate the buyers’ procurement.

(9)Antecedence of innovation, research and development
Famous Furniture Expo Park introduces Dongguan International Famous Furniture Design, Research and Development Institute, actively supports and leads enterprises to make full use of "Scientific &Technological Dongguan" Funds with amount of one billion yuan and promotes enterprises’ self-independent innovation. Since the establishment of Dongguan International Famous Furniture Design R&D Institute, it has established multiple professional R&D work stations jointly with colleges, universities and enterprises. The R&D innovation platform which has the world-class advanced level is currently under steady construction.

(10)New linkage mode of trade and transaction
With the combination of fixed-time demonstration and constant-year brand manifestation on a large scale in Asia for the first time, the emergence of Famous Furniture Expo Park forms the largest interaction platform of trade and exhibition in Asia, creates the unique Dongguan mode with integration of "Milano and Higher Point". It is currently shaping the business pattern of the whole furnishing industrial chain.